Glaciers are melting at an alarming rate, threatening to raise sea levels and drown coastal cities. Now a German geologist has developed a method to slow down, or even stop, the melt.

Researcher Hans-Joachim Fuchs wants to install fans on melting glaciers that will blow cold air from the glacier onto the dissolving ice, slowing down (or even stopping) the melt. Not everyone thinks it’s a good idea: In the August 20th edition of the Independent, Tony Paterson quotes Swiss glacier expert Martin Funk as saying, “If you are trying to cool a glacier, wind screens are a crazy idea.”

But Fuchs is optimistic. Paterson quotes him as saying, “We hope that our installations will bring about a net cooling of the area. If the meltdown is not stopped, we hope that it will at least be slowed down. If all goes well, we shall go ahead with something larger.”

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