While we can’t all be clairvoyant, neuroscientists who are able to "watch" our brains in action with fMRI machines have determined that activity in a region of the brain associated with reward can predict who will gain weight or have sex in the next six months.

They focus on one part of the brain: the nucleus accumbens, which has been linked to both pleasure and addiction. Women whose nucleus accumbens reacts strongly to pictures of appealing food are more likely to gain weight in the next six months, and when this deeply buried brain area responds more strongly to sexual imagery, they are more likely to be sexually active within the next six months.

In LiveScience, Stephanie Pappas quotes psychologist Bill Kelley as saying, "Having the knowledge that these things can influence us in these implicit, unconscious sorts of ways is helpful in a sense because it allows us to be aware that when we’re seeing these things we really have to be switched on and self-regulate."

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