Here on, we keep you up-to-date on the moon and the REAL reasons so many governments want to return there. President Obama has recently said that he plans to leave space travel up to the newly-formed private companies for the time being, due to the recession. In the wake of Obama’s cuts to NASA, plans to return to space have been developed by two very different visionaries: lunar geologist Paul Spudis and researcher Robert Zubrin, who wants to build a "Transorbital Railroad." Spudis’s moon plan involves sending robots, operated by remote control, to mine lunar resources, such as water, and store them for later use, when human astronauts arrive.

The robots could build shelters, power stations and navigation and communication networks (and MINE for Helium 3?) Zubrin’s "Transorbital Railroad" involves NASA investing big bucks (which they are loath to do) in six heavy lift launchers, which it would then turn around and sell to one of the new private space launch companies. This "Transorbital Railroad" could send the Spudis robots to the moon to get things ready for humans (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to Linda Howe’s report).

You may have noticed that almost no other website or media outlet seems to know anything about what will probably be the fuel that takes us to the moon: Helium 3. We take you right to the edge, but NOT over–we add a link to a legitimate news site at the end of every story. If you want us to still be here tomorrow, there’s only one path to take: Subscribe today! (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to Hogue’s predictions–and keep them in mind, because we’ll hold his feet to the fire in a few months, as we do every June).

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