Do parallel universes exist? The quantum physicists that we’ve interviewed on Dreamland say they definitely do, although we don’t know much about them yet. They?re like electrons, in that we can’t actually see them, but we can see the influence they have on the energy released by the “Big Bang” that began the universe 13 billion years ago.

Scientists are developing “string theory,” which proposes that everything in the universe, from immense galaxies to subatomic particles, is made of tiny, vibrating strings of energy. The mathematics of string theory suggests that the world we know is not complete. In addition to our four familiar dimensions?three-dimensional space and time?string theory predicts the existence of six extra spatial dimensions, “hidden” dimensions curled in tiny geometric shapes at every single point in our universe.

Alhough scientists use computers to visualize what a six-dimensional universe could look like, no one really knows for sure what shape it would take. According to string theory mathematics, the extra dimensions could adopt any of tens of thousands of possible shapes, each shape theoretically corresponding to its own universe with its own set of physical laws. Physicist Henry Tye says, “Nature picked one?and we want to know what that one looks like.”

Physicist Gary Shiu says the many-dimensional shapes are far too small to see or measure through any usual means of observation, which makes testing this crucial aspect of string theory very difficult. “You can theorize anything, but you have to be able to show it with experiments,” he says. “Now the problem is, how do we test it?”

Physicists think that if they can discern the nature of these elusive dimensions, this will be a critical element of string theory, which is the leading contender for a unified “theory of everything,” which is also sometimes referred to as the God Code.

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Some people think that crop circles are actually the SHADOWS cast by mutli-dimensional objects that we can?t see, because they are in a parallel universe. Tune into this week’s Dreamland, more of the kind of amazing speculation, based on legitimate research, that you won’t find anywhere else!

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