An ARTIFICIAL brain! – Scientists are working to build a living computer. Maybe they ought to concentrate on creating an artificial brain instead (or are these the same thing?)

Neuroscientists think that a machine that duplicates all the functions of a human brain is only a decade away. quotes researcher Henry Markram as saying, “I absolutely believe it is technically and biologically possible. The only uncertainty is financial. It is an extremely expensive project and not all is yet secured.”

There are intriguing difficulties: Markram is quoted as saying, “Actually no one even knows what we already understand about the brain. [For instance] we think we see with our eyes, but in fact most of what we ‘see’ is generated as a projection by your brain. So what are we actually looking at when we look at something ‘outside’ of us?” This is an especially intriguing question for people who have had contacts with UFOs and Visitors.

Will our collective brains generate some UFO sightings (or even a visit by The Grays) at our Stargate Conference in October? Whether or not this happens, we know we’ll have a magical time, with fascinating speakers giving you the kind of information that you just can’t find anywhere else. Subscribers have a coupon that gives them $25 off the ticket price PLUS they can still listen to time traveler Starfire Tor tell what SHE plans to do at the conference!

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