Scientists are still trying to create an invisibility cloak. Researchers have found ways to use magnetic resonance to capture rays of visible light and route them around objects, rendering those objects invisible to the human eye.

Electrical engineer Elena Semouchkina is developing a nonmetallic cloak that uses identical glass resonators a special type of glass which does not conduct electricity. This cloak makes objects hit by tiny infrared waves disappear from view.

Earlier attempts by other researchers used metal rings and wires. “Ours is the first to do the cloaking of cylindrical objects with glass,” Semouchkina says.

A cloak that repels infrared waves will be good for military uses, but will not render an individual who wears it, such as a spy, invisible to the human eye.

Semouchkina says, “Starting from these experiments, we want to move to higher frequencies and smaller wavelengths. The most exciting applications will be at the frequencies of visible light.” So one day, could the police cloak a swat team or the Army, a tank? “It is possible in principle, but not at this time.”

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