Now leaking sensitive government documents or vital information about the company you work for will be easier, thanks to a special new web site that guarantees that your identity cannot be traced!

WikiLeaks is a web site that hopes to start up in February. In New Scientist, Paul Marks quotes the site as saying, “WikiLeaks will provide a forum for the entire global community to examine any document relentlessly for credibility.” Here in the US, when we think of leaks, we think of the leak that outed CIA agent Valerie Plame. The trial of Lewis Libby Jr., the man accused of being behind that leak, is about to start. We also remember the leaked insider information that revealed what Enron was doing. Leaking a government document can mean jail, but jail sentences for this can be fairly short. However, there are many places where it means long incarceration or even death, such as China and parts of Africa and the Middle East. Chinese journalist Shi Tao received a 10 year prison sentence in 2005 for leaking an email from Chinese officials about the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

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