Five years ago we posted a story about how the ancient prophets at Delphi in Greece may have been high on natural gas. Now scientists think that the culprit may have been carbon dioxide. Does this mean that the increasing levels of CO2 in OUR atmosphere will produce widespread wisdom? We certainly may need it in the future.

In the temple of Delphi in ancient Greece, a succession of female oracles, called Pythias, dispensed wisdom and predicted the future. Scientists think there may have been something in the atmosphere there that gave them access to higher levels of consciousness. In, Heather Whipps quotes researcher Giuseppe Etiope as saying, “It is possible that?[this was] due just to a deficit of oxygen in the Temple room, where air ventilation was weak and the [carbon dioxide and methane] gas release from the soil was strong.”

Earlier research on this was done by Jelle Z. de Boer, who noted that, whatever the substance was, it could not have been lethal, because otherwise, “?after a number of sessions, the Pythias would have become sick and possibly died. Frequent deaths of Pythias have not been reported by any of the classical writers. On the contrary, they seem to have lived a long and healthy life.”

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Our silly war on drugs has blinded us to what the ancient shamans were trying to achieve by using psychoactive drugs. The state of enlightenment they were trying to attain can also be reached by other methods, such as ritual drumming. Courageous author Graham Hancock risked his brain and body?and defied the law?to find learn exactly what these magicians knew. Subscribers can still listen to Whitley’s provocative interview with Hancock.

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