Steve Connor writes in the Independent about a new study showing that artists and poets have more sexual partners than ordinary people. This is true for women as well as men, and may be because sex is linked with creativity in the brain.

A survey found that creative people have twice as many sexual liaisons as non-artists. Many artists, writers and actors have been famous womanizers, who left behind many illegitimate children as well as resentful sexual partners.

The rest of us might think that people seek out these partners because they’re dazzled by their fame and fortune, but that doesn’t appear to play a major role. UK researcherDavid Nettle didn’t only study celebrities?he studied little known artists as well, and found his theory still held true.

He asked 425 men and women about the number of sexual partners they?d had, including one-night stands. The study found the average number of partners for artists and poets was 4 to 10, while uncreative people had to be content with only about 3.

Evolutionist Geoffrey Miller, who wrote a book called The Mating Mind, thinks that artistic ability may have evolved as a form of human sexual display. He also thinks that men are more promiscuous than women, something most women would agree with. However, Nettle’s study found no difference in sex drive between the sexes.

Nettle’s study may help to explain a connection between schizophrenia, which affects about 1% of people, and serious artists, who share many of the same personality traits. Historians think that Van Gogh may have had schizophrenic tendencies. A genetic tendency towards schizophrenia could also lead a person to become an artist.

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