Last year, we wrote about a 1961 experiment at Yale in which a psychologist discovered that ordinary people would give deadly electric shocks to people they didn’t know, despite the fact that they could hear their screams, if they were directed to do so by “authority figures.” What would you have done? To find out, take this morality test.

How much money would it take to get you to stick a pin into your palm? How much to stick a pin into the palm of a child you don’t know? How much to slap a friend in the face (with his or her permission) as part of a comedy skit? Well, what about slapping your father (with his permission) as part of a skit? How you answer questions such as these may reveal something about your morality, and even your politics?conservatives, for example, tend to care more about issues of hierarchy and respect, while liberals concentrate on caring and fairness.

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