Intelligence experts have intercepted recent al-Qaeda threats against Los Angeles and Melbourne, Australia. Since these are transmitted between members of the terrorist group in coded images, they must be carefully analyzed for meaning. Before September 11, 2001, investigators later found that one of the terrorists had emailed another one about an image of a cake with two candles on it, referring to the date 911.

They feel that there is a real possibility that these attacks will be attempted. Their analysis shows words and images about biting, a mouth wide open and “jaws” (presumably they don?t mean the film). There are also references to prisons, which in the case of LA could be a reference to prisoners who have been recruited to radical Islam while in Folsom or other prisons. The LAPD recently captured several recently paroled potential terrorists who had been indoctrinated there, and this is what may have tipped them off. They have also found references to a loss of ears, which could simply mean that the rest of us are not hearing the truth. A reference to lightning acts could mean suicide bombers.

The Melbourne references refer to fire, as well as grass, trees and other vegetation. This could refer to a place, but it’s hard to pin down.

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