We recently shared a story with you about how it feels to be a genius. Now we want to know how it feels to be a robot. One Japanese researcher found out.

Japan has been doing some incredible research on realistic robots. Yuri Kagayama writes in livescience.com about how it feels to be remotely controlled. The Pentagon is developing remote controlled tanks and already has remote controlled spy planes (drones). Will we have remote-controlled soldiers in the future?

Kagayama wore a headset that controlled his movements, whenever his controller moved a joystick. Having your movements controlled sounds like it would be effortless, but it?s actually the opposite. It?s exhausting because it goes against your natural inclinations. It’s clear that if we do train soldiers to act this way, we’ll have to train them carefully. But where would we find soldiers who were willing to be controlled by someone else? While in dangerous situations, it would require a degree of trust that’s almost unimaginable.

Art credit: http://www.freeimages.co.uk

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