Some of us are skeptical about whether traditional Christmas symbols such angels really exist. Kids are find it hard to believe that Santa Claus could deliver presents to millions of homes and children in just one night. But there’s a scientific explanation for this.

Engineer Larry Silverberg says is plausible science that could allow Santa to pull off this magical feat year after year. You just have to realize that Santa and his elves are quantum physicists, who have advanced knowledge of electromagnetic waves, the space/time continuum, nanotechnology, genetic engineering and computer science.

Silverberg is not so na?ve as to think that Santa and his reindeer can travel approximately 200 million square miles?making stops in some 80 million homes?in one night. Instead, he posits that Santa uses time travel: he uses his knowledge of the space/time continuum to form what Silverberg calls “relativity clouds.”

He says, “Based on his advanced knowledge of the theory of relativity, Santa recognizes that time can be stretched like a rubber band, that space can be squeezed like an orange and that light can be bent. Relativity clouds are controllable domains?rips in time?that allow him months to deliver presents while only a few minutes pass on Earth. The presents are truly delivered in a wink of an eye.”

And there’s really no need for Santa to enter the house via thechimney. Rather, the same relativity cloud that allows Santa to deliver presents in what seems like a wink of an eye is also used to “morph” Santa into people’s homes. Hmmm?traveling through walls is something that many people have reported seeing the Visitors do as well.

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