Horses have been found mutilated in the U.K. In one case, a dead female horse was slashed in the belly with a sharp instrument. There was hardly any blood in the field where she was found, although several gallons of blood had been drained from her body.

An injured colt was also found. Symbols were carved into his skin and chunks of skin and mane were removed and left in a stone circle that was constructed nearby. A total of 12 horse mutilations have taken place in the area. Stone circles and arrangements of sticks and branches have been left at the scenes. Some of the attacks were sexual.

The bloodless cutting and excising of genitalia are similar to mutilations of cattle and cats in the U.S. and abroad. However, the ritual aspect of some of these horse mutilations has not been seen before, although “Satanic Cults” have long been blamed for these crimes. This could mean that the mutilations come from two different sources: the traditional perpetrators (who have never been identified) and cultists who want to claim credit for these mysterious mutilations.

”We have found stone circles in the fields, measuring from eight to 15 feet across, usually made up of small numbers of stones, for example five with one stone in the middle,” says a South Yorkshire police officer. ”This is indicative of a five-pointed star but it’s open to interpretation?Lines are also drawn in the fields of five or six stones pointing to the center of the field. At the majority of these sites it does point to occult practices?not paganism or wicca, which celebrate life and the lifecycle, but black arts and the occult calendar.”

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