In a letter publicized Friday Hopi cultural affairs preservation officers asked John Kimmey of Taos, NM, to cease calling himself a “carrier of Hopi prophecy” and to no longer reveal Hopi secret teachings.

The letter said, “The Hopi people have suffered immensely due to the insensitive nature by which so-called experts exploit our knowledge.”

Kimmey, a non-Indian member of the Native American Church, asserts that ancient Hopi prophecies are meant to be shared with the public. He claims that Hopi elder David Monongye taught him the prophecies and gave him permission to reveal them to the public. Monongye has since died.

Kimmey, who planned to reveal the prophecies at an oral history meeting on Sunday night, plans instead to lead a discussion about non-Indians practicing Indian spirituality.

Hopis claim that their prophecies predicted the arrival of Europeans in America, both world wars and the development of nuclear weapons. They also predict that the end of time will come as we emerge into the “fifth world,” which is believed to begin roughly around the year 2012.

Kimmey has agreed to abide by the request of the cultural preservation officers. “I’ve always tried to be respectful of the Hopi.”

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