As the stunning news of the Obama/McCain race changes spedacross the wires, Hillary Clinton?s team carried out franticblood tests which have revealed that she?s one-eighth black,or, as used to be stated on public records in Louisiana, ?anOctoroon.? ?As an Octoroon, I want the American people toknow that I stand proud for all the races that make up thisgreat nation.?

Her campaign announced that the tests also showed that shewas 1/8th Irish, Polish, Italian, English, French, Dutch,Mexican, Chinese, Cherokee, Kickapoo, Thai, Spanish,Portuguese, and a thirty-second Canadian. ?Few Canadiansvote in US elections,? a campaign official explained.

Mrs. Clinton celebrated her discovery with a spectacular newhairdo modeled after a turn-of-the-century New Orleansstyle, which some pundits are describing as her ‘Dean Scream.’

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