A UFO hovers over populated areas for hours, strange boomsand rumblings are heard, an amateur astronomer captures abizarre image of an object seemingly plunging into a bay.

Three ball shaped spheres flashing blue, red and whiteappeared over Darwin last Saturday nightand took their time crossing the sky before hundreds ofwitnesses. The Australian Department of Defense said thatthe object definitely was not one of their aircraft or asecret craft of any kind. The local airport said that it wasnot a plane waiting to land.4057,11599504%5E26462,00.html,Getdetails here.

So, what was it? Part of a flood of high-strangeness reportsfrom Australia would be one answer. At around 4 AM in NewSouth WalesMonday morning, residents of the area experienced a loudboom, a long, house-shaking rumbling sound, and a brightflash of light. Police received dozens of calls about thephenomenon, but could not explain it. There were nothunderstorms in the area, and witnesses described the flashas being very unlike lightning.Readmore here.

Meanwhile, on December 7, NASA published a strange imagefrom Darwin as “Astronomy Photo of the Day.” The photo,taken by Wayne Pryde, shows a streak and a flash ofsomething apparently entering the water of a bay. The frameof video was part of a sequence monitoring cloud changes inthe area. NASA reports that meteor experts don’t think it’sa meteor and atmospheric scientists don’t think it’s lightning.

It may well be an unusual natural phenomenon, but it wouldbe logical to consider it in the context of all the otheratmospheric strangeness that is taking place in the area.

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Australia is not alone in returning extensive UFO reports inrecent months. In May, an extraordinary group of lights,invisible to the eye, were photographed by infraredequipment near some Mexican military aircraft. In April, aUFO wave in Iran caused massive public interest as brightlylit objects dipped in and out of the clouds during adaylight event.

Persistent reports from continguous areas of the Himalayasbelonging to India and China speak of extremely extensiveUFO activity in that area.

In addition, unexplained booms are being heard in many Americancities.

Meanwhile, otherworldly sightings are leaving skepticalwitnesses in Alberta, Canada deeply shaken.For moreinformation,clickhere.

So, what’s going on? Is it all related? These questions arelikely to remain unanswered. Certainly, the authoritieseither don’t know or won’t say. But given the worldwidenature of the phenomena, “secret aircraft” are not thelikely answer.

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