Here’s more evidence of global warming that nobody else is talking about. Tides from Maine to Florida have been mysteriously higher than normal this summer, with some as much as two feet above normal. This has mystified scientists, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is studying the phenomenon.

One possible explanation lies in the fact that, while wind speeds have not increased in the area, the wind has become much steadier, possibly due to weakening offshore currents. It could also be part of a long term trend connected with the El Nino developing in the Pacific. It is a subtle but persistent pattern that affects the whole Atlantic Ocean, and, if it does not subside, will mean that sea levels are rising, probably due to massive continental glacier melt in Greenland and Antarctica.

In, Alexis Madrigal quotes NOAA director Mike Szabados as saying, “The ocean is dynamic. It’s not uncommon to have anomalies like this but the breadth and the intensity and duration were unique.”

Madrigal quotes NOAA climate analyst Kevin Trenberth as saying, “It’s a bit of a mystery.”

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