While many connections between the pyramids of Egypt and the stars have been uncovered over the years, a new connection between the famous megaliths and the heavens has been made, resulting in the discovery of a previously-undiscovered chamber in the monument known as the Bent Pyramid, using cosmic rays as a form of deep-penetrating x-ray machine.

In December of 2015, a research team from Nagoya University in Japan installed a series of plates consisting of two sets of muon-sensitive film in the lower chamber of the Bent Pyramid, located in the royal necropolis of Dahshur. The film was left exposed there for 40 days, capturing the tracks of cosmic rays, a type of high-energy muon particle that can penetrate underground to great depths before being absorbed by the bedrock.

The resulting tacks revealed a hollow cavity 18 meters (60 feet) directly above the lower chamber, indicating that it has a two-chamber structure similar to the one in the Great Pyramid. These scans are currently not detailed enough to map out individual passageways leading into the chamber, meaning further investigation will be needed to allow archaeologists physical access to the find. In the meantime, the Nagoya University team plans to use the same process on other pyramids, to see if this new scanning method will reveal more hidden rooms inside them. 

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