Many of you were disturbed by Whitley’s recent Journal about the “dark side” of the UFO experience. In his new Journal, he writes, “?Let me illustrate just how complicated this question of ‘good vs. evil’ can all be, using an experience from my own life.” He also has a new meditation up that deals with protecting oneself from negative aspects of alien abduction. You can hear it by clicking “Listen Now” on our masthead (and subscribers can download it). And we have a new poll: How much do you think meditation techniques can help control the abduction experience? Keep reading for the results of our last poll.

In our last poll, we asked you how you handle, or expect to handle, close encounters. Half of our respondents say they’ve never had one but would tell people if they did. 25% of you have had them and told one or more people with good results, while 11% have had bad results from telling people. 8% have never had one and wouldn’t tell if they did, and 6% have had them but have never told anyone.

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