A large mass of cold air is moving out of the northwest and will cross the midsection of the United States and Canada later this week. This cold air mass will collide with another surge of warm, humid air moving up from the Gulf of Mexico, with the result that there could once again be a substantial development of storms. There is no way to tell in advance if the number and intensity of storms will reach levels seen recently, but there are likely to be a number of days late this week with severe weather alerts in the southern plains and the Ohio and Mississippi valleys. If this activity develops, it will move across the mid-Atlantic states, and possibly down into the southeast. It may also bring much-needed rain to parts of Texas–hopefully without accompanying violent storms.

The photo associated with this story shows the cold air mass as it appeared on Monday, May 9. By May 11, it will be in collision with warm air from the Gulf, and situated over the central United States.

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