Around 2,000 coyotes live in Chicago and New York and their suburbs–and probably in the big city nearest to YOU as well. They were once restricted to the Southwest, but they’ve spread across the country in the last 100 years. When your backyard got too crowded, they moved into the alleys between the skyscrapers.

Coyotes are smart, extremely adaptable and reproduce quickly. They’ll eat almost anything: rabbits, rats, geese, fruit, and insects–and maybe even your pet kitty.

As they’ve moved into the cities, their lifestyles have changed. City Coyotes have smaller territories, live at higher densities and live longer lives (no "varmint" hunters in the city). They are also more nocturnal, which may explain why most of us are unaware of them. They rarely attack humans–between 1960 and 2006 there were only 159 reported cases of bites in the US. By comparison, in 2012 alone there were 5,000 domestic dog bites reported in Chicago (where dogs are supposed to be on a leash).

Will we hear them howling in Nashville? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). There are probably music-loving coyotes there! (and you never know who else will show up) Come find out at our extraordinary Nashville Symposium in May, but get your tickets soon–they’re selling out fast!.

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