Jill McGivering writes in bbcnews.com that sick people in Thailand are trying a unique cure. One patient says, “I started drinking my own urine after hearing from a monk that if you have any kind of disease, urine drinking will help.”

Her doctor, Dr. Banchob, recommends that patients collect their own urine in the morning and start drinking small amounts, until they’re drinking a glassful a day. He says, “In the ancient times or early days in the rural areas, I think Thai people practiced this.”

Kidney specialist Dr. Siribha says, “If somebody asks my opinion, I will warn them not to do that. If something is too much and not useful in our body, then the body will excrete [it] in the urine?The body didn’t want it any more. So I don’t think it’s a good idea to re-eat or to re-drink the things our body doesn’t need it any more.” Supporters of urine therapy say it’s been practiced in Thailand for hundreds of years. But the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine says there’s no record of this. Deputy Director Dr. Pennapa Subcharoen says she?s tried to organize research projects on it, but can’t get enough volunteers.

This is one thing doctors don’t tell you!

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