In a provocative editorial in the May 10 issue of the Wall Street Journal, Gerald F. Seib says that after the release of the photographs of U.S. troops torturing Iraqi prisoners, “?The U.S. has come face-to-face with the possibility that it isn’t changing the Middle East, but rather being changed by the Middle East?and not for the better?Had something happened along the way to the American soul?”

The Middle Eastern news service al Jazeera has stated that many of the intimidation methods used in the Abu Ghraib prison were copied from Israeli treatment of Palestinian prisoners. Since 911, we have depended on the Israelis for covert information about terrorism in the Middle East. But no matter what side we’re on when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we don’t want Iraq to become another endless war like that one, so we should be careful not to copy their techniques. Seib writes, “America’s friends in Israel, who are in many ways our ancestors in the war against terrorism, have traveled this same path?They often ask themselves, have we improved our security but lost a piece of our soul? Does being an occupying power either tempt or require a country or its soldiers to do nasty things they would otherwise find unacceptable?maybe even repugnant?”

The Center for Strategic and International Studies has put out a report saying the U.S. can’t win the war in Iraq. It says, “The U.S. can of course defeat the Iraqis. However, any military solution is now likely to be the kind of ‘victory’ that creates a new firestorm over excessive force, civilian casualties, and collateral damage. At the same time, the U.S. cannot hope to kill or arrest all of the Sunni and foreign insurgents that exist now…

“At this point, there simply is no way to eliminate cadres of insurgents or to disarm the most threatening areas,” according to the report. “Falujah and similar areas have too much popular support for the insurgents. There are too many arms that can be hidden and too many points of vulnerability.” The reports warns the U.S. against assassinating Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr, the head of a resistance army, because this would make him a martyr and would push the Shiites into an alliance with the Sunnis against the U.S. With the Kurds staying neutral in the north, that would mean we would have no Iraqi allies left.

We have to hope that our government concentrates on keeping us safe, and drops its old mind games. The CIA’s Control of Candy Jones is the place to start when exploring CIA mind control activities.

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