Whitley Strieber wishes a Happy New Year to all, inthe form of a journal entry that calls attention to theastonishing human achievements that have made our world amuch better place over the past hundred years. He points out that lifespan has more than doubled worldwide in a hundred years, illiteracy has plummeted, and starvation is a thing of the past in most of the world. He adds, “A westerndiscovery is at the basis of all this achievement, and willalso be at the basis of the successful rebalancing of naturethat will define human social effort in the 21st Century.This is the discovery of the individual, which emerges outof classical Greek thought and early democratic politicalinstitutions, Mosaic law and the striking words of Jesus inthe Sermon on the Mount: ‘All things whatsoever ye wouldthat men should do to you, do ye even so to them.'” To readhis journal clickhere.

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