You’ve tried the pizza cure. Maybe you’ve even tried the cure from Thailand. Now try the latest cure: Be happy.

Jamie Cohen writes for that while Americans get 1 billion colds a year, happier people get fewer of them. Dr. Sheldon Cohen says, “We found that people who regularly experience positive emotions, when exposed to rhinovirus, are relatively protected from developing illness.”

When the brain is “happy,” it sends messages to the rest of our body that help keep it healthy. “It’s like a drug that is released by your state of mind and simply changing the state of mind can produce effects on the rest of the body through the nervous system and hormones,” says Dr. Neil Shulman. “Your chance of developing the common cold, pneumonia, or even cancer may very well be decreased by keeping your brain in a healthy state.”

Can you keep your brain in a healthy state when your religion and UFO experiences clash?or is it possible to reconcile them?

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