Satellite measurements reveal that Greenland’s glaciers aremelting three times faster than expected just two years ago.The melting of Greenland’s glaciers floods the NorthAtlantic with fresh water, which increases the speed withwhich water temperatures change, meaning that the AtlanticConveyor, which draws warm tropical water into the Arcticand keeps the Gulf Stream flowing, is compromised and theGulf Stream is liable to stop flowing.

As we reportedlast December, the Gulf Stream is weakening dramatically,and this latest result could be an indication that it willstop much sooner than expected. Just a few years ago,scientists were predicting that Global Warming would notinterrupt the flow of the Gulf Stream for at least 30 years.

If the Gulf Stream stops, it means that the whole AtlanticConveyor, and with it, the rest of the earth’s oceancurrents, will alter, weaken and stop in unpredictable ways,touching off an episode of sudden climate change, possiblyeven one as predicted inSuperstorm.

The measurements were obtained via the Grace (GravityRecovery and Climate Experiment) Satellite launched in 2002.The Grace project is slated to be discontinued by NASA alongwith all of its other earth observation programs, in a bidby the Bush Administration to make measurement ofenvironmental changes more difficult.

If the world’s system of ocean currents is disrupted,climate chaos will result.

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