If food pricesgo up, many people may have to switch from wine and hardliquor to beer. But this may not be a problem, becausecontrary to popular opinion, beer is as healthy?if not morehealthy?than wine.

Charles Bamforth, who holds a teaching chair at UC Daviswhich is endowed by a beer manufacturer, says that beercontains valuable B vitamins, such as B12, folic acid andniacin, as well as antioxidants, which help prevent cancer.

“People sayred wine iskey to [preventing heart attacks],” Bamforth says. “Butbeer, if you looked at it holistically, is healthier thanwine. But it is not perceived that way.” The widely-reportedgood news about red wine cutting heart attacks may notactually be true?it may simply be that the French, one ofthe main groups studied by the scientists who came to thisconclusion, have better genes, when it comes to theirhearts. Since it contains antioxidants, beer can helpprevent prostate cancer in men?except you’d have to drink somuch of it for it to have the desired effect that you’d beconstantly drunk.

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