Be sure to take your smartphone to your next party or business meeting (whether or not you are sexting)! Engineers are developing software that helps people locate their friends in a crowd and make new friends who share similar interests. It uses nearby wireless networks and smartphones’ wireless communication technologies to alert users that a friend who also uses the software is in the area–and gives directions to that friend’s location. The software can remind a user of a forgotten acquaintance’s name, or help him or her make new professional contacts in the same area of research. Who knows who you’ll meet?

Computer scientist Dong Xuan says, "Today, online social networking has advanced dramatically, but our ability to meet people face-to-face hasn’t gotten any easier. We want to close social gaps and connect people in meaningful ways, while keeping the technology non-intrusive and protecting privacy." And if you can’t manage to hook up with someone, you can always have sex with your phone back in the hotel room.

When you’re meeting new people, you want to look your best, and we know how to help! Anne Strieber’s famous diet book "What I Learned from the Fat Years" is now available as a download! When she found her clothes were getting too tight she thought they had all shrunk, until she realized she had gained weight due to Type II diabetes, a genetic condition that manifests in late middle age and makes it easy to gain weight and hard to lose it. She not only discovered WHY some of us have this gene, but what to do about it, and after three years of diet and exercise, she managed to lose 100 pounds–and YOU can too! This isn’t an advice book written by a doctor or celebrity, it’s a diet book written by a REAL DIETER, who sympathizes with what you’re going through that has helped thousands of people to shed those unwanted pounds.

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