There’s more confirmation from CERN (the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland) that the God particle–the Higgs boson–has been glimpsed (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). The Higgs is a sub-atomic particle that is predicted to exist, but has not yet been seen (until now).

Supposedly it explains how particles interact and is the means by which everything in the universe obtains mass. However, CERN won’t be sure they’ve really seen the Higgs until there is less than a one in a million chance that the data spike they’ve seen is a statistical fluke.

In BBC News, Paul Rincon quotes CERN researcher Guido Tonelli as saying, "As of today, what we see is consistent either with a background fluctuation or with the presence of the boson."

Meanwhile, the Visitors have been MORE than glimpsed–they’ve been ENCOUNTERED. Whitley has written about who and what he thinks these beings are in his first nonfiction book in a decade: "Solving the Communion Enigma," which will be published January 5th. If you pre-order it now, YOU can be AMONG THE FIRST to read it.

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