Strange flashing lights have been seen in the sky in the Worcestershire area of England. BBC cameraman Tom Hines even filmed them with a video camera. And UFOs have been turning up so often in one part of Canada that they’ve become a tourist attraction.

Jennifer Lang writes in the New Caledonia Terrace Standard that British Columbia is getting a reputation as the UFO capital of Canada. “You would be surprised just how many emails I get over the months requesting information for our areas,” says UFO researcher Brian Vike. If you’d like to go UFO watching on your next vacation, check out this website.

Back in England, Tom Hines says, “I kind of saw two bright lights and thought they were stars at first. I pointed out where they were and started filming. They started disappearing and reappearing and at one point there was three bright lights. They kept appearing very randomly in different areas of the sky.”

Area resident John Dawson, who also saw them, says, “We went through all kinds of evaluations, like could they be fireworks, could they be flares and to be honest with you we couldn’t come to any decision as to what they were.”

BBC science correspondent David Gregory examined Hines’ video and says, “It could have been the Hanbury Orbs, which are a series of lights which are known to hover above the landscape in this area. But nobody knows for sure.”

If aliens are so secretive, why do they fly in the sky where we can see them? We need to unlock alien closets in order to find the answers to questions like these. Tune into Dreamland this Saturday, when Whitley and Leah Haley try to do just that.

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