The U.K. government denies trying to bury a report about contamination of regular crops with genetically modified crops in nearby fields by releasing it on Christmas Eve. The same tactics are being used here in the U.S. On December 26, we wrote, “Changes to the Clean Air Act’s New Source Review program were announced the Friday before Thanksgiving at a briefing where news cameras were not allowed?EPA insiders (said) these proposals were all announced on the same day so as to jam environmental groups in order to make it more difficult for the public to offer meaningful comment on those actions within the 30 day comment period.'” U.K. Environment minister Michael Meacher says, “We weren’t trying to bury it. I entirely agree that the Christmas Eve timing was unfortunate…I can assure you there is no wish to conceal. It is another case of cock-up rather than conspiracy?These findings are not new; they simply confirm what was already known.”

The research found that the weed wild turnip was contaminated by a neaby field of genetically-modified oilseed rape, which could turn it into a Superweed that’s resistant to herbicides. Meacher says this kind of cross-contamination can’t be eliminated but can only be kept to an acceptable level.

Find out what we’re hiding here in the U.S. and what’s on our grocery store shelves.

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