We’ve reported before that animals can’t survive on genetically-modified food. Now a new study from Australia shows that GM food KILLS rats.

In the December 5th edition of the Herald Sun, Jeffrey Smith reports that almost 10 years ago, researcher Arpad Pusztai discovered that GM food caused “massive damage in rats.” The result? “Dr. Pusztai was fired after 35 years and silenced with threats of a lawsuit.”

Smith also writes about California researcher Ignacio Chapela, who published evidence that GM corn is wiping out indigenous Mexican corn, which is an essential part of the diet there. He received a phone call from a Mexican government official who told him, “We know where your children go to school.”

When Russian researcher Irina Ermakova GM soy to fed female rats, she found that more than half of their babies died within 3 weeks. A control group that was fed regular soy had only 10% of their offspring die.

Big business is clearly taking care of its own. Has it always been this way?

Merry Christmas!

Art credit: gimp-savvy.com

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