You may not realize it, but a large part of your diet is nowmade up of genetically-modified foods, especially if you eata lot of processed foods. The National Academy of Sciencesadmits that "sizeable gaps" still remain in their knowledgeof GM foods. While they haven’t made anyone sick yet, they have the potential to cause major problems.

Karen Lurie writes in that some problemshave been narrowly avoided. In 1996, plant developers gavesoybeans a gene from Brazil nuts to enhance their proteincontent. Lurie quotes food technologist Steve L. Taylor as saying that the project was abandoned because "it turned outthat the one this company had inserted into the new soybean was in fact the major allergen for Brazil nuts–This companydid not proceed with the development of this crop because itwould have been quite hazardous to people with Brazil nutallergy."

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