John Fairley went outside last Tuesday night to feed leftover chicken to his German shepherd, when he noticed that the chicken bones were glowing green.

Nine people had eaten the chicken for dinner the night before. On Tuesday night and on Wednesday, some of Fairley’s family and friends said they felt nauseated and the dog, Tasha, seemed sluggish.

He called a nearby medical center, then the police. “They had little faith in my report at first,” he said. “When the police officer came up in my driveway and saw them glowing at him, 18 vehicles were stacked around my house in a short period of time.”

Captain Greg Arnette of the Fayetteville Fire Department said he has seen some strange things in more than 20 years of firefighting, including a parrot named Greg stuck in a tree and pythons in a basement, but “This was the ultimate. It’s like I’ve always said, if I had a video camera for every call I went on, I’d be a rich man.”

Police officers and firefighters called the hazardous materials team and the local county health department, as well as the hospital. Arnette said the physician who answered the phone thought at first that it was a prank. Seven of the people who ate the chicken were treated at the hospital and released, but the lab there did not conduct any tests on the bones.

The bones still gave off a slight greenish glow on Wednesday afternoon. An officer of the U.S. Department of Agriculture arrived Thursday to examine them.

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