You?d better not postpone that trip to a national park much longer, because scientists say global warming is destroying U.S. parks, forests, marine sanctuaries and wildlife refuges. An environmental group called the Bluewater Network plans to file petitions with the Departments of Interior, Agriculture and Commerce asking them to minimize the effects of global warming on public lands and waters under their jurisdiction.

They say U.S. parklands will pay a heavy price this century if temperatures continue to rise. Their report predicts that all glaciers in Montana’s Glacier National Park will disappear in 28 years. Also, rising sea levels will submerge much of the Florida Keys and Everglades National Park. Wildfires will destroy a lot of public?as well as private?land. The tick population on Cape Cod will increase, threatening more people with lime disease. Lake Tahoe, Nevada, will lose 75 percent of its snow cover, meaning 2 million people a year will have to find a new place to ski.

The Bluewater Network thinks the U.S. National Park Service isn?t looking far enough ahead into the future to adequately plan for the impact of global warming on our public lands. Bluewater says, “Most public land and water management plans project scenarios only one or two decades into the future. Unfortunately, climate change occurs over much broader time horizons.”

Meanwhile, hitch up that trailer and see those lovely lands that your tax dollars are paying to protect. It may be your last chance.

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