A new $75,000 security system installed in the Kent County,Maryland courthouse caught images of a strange light”walking” in one stairwell. Security officer Phillip Pricesays, “It didn’t show up to the eye, but it showed up ontape.” But it may be a bug splat on the camera lens.

After noticing the light on the camera, Price investigatedpersonally, but didn’t see anything. But downstairs, whileemployees watched, the video monitor showed the light movingahead of Price, stopping when he stopped and starting whenhe started. Price says, “I felt a real chill, I will tellyou that.”

There were executions at the courthouse dating back to 1746.A 1969 addition was built over a forgotten 19th-centurycemetery, and some people think the orbs are the spirits ofpeople who have died. “If it is a ghost, it’s a friendlyghost,” says court clerk Mark Mumford. “If it’s a friendlyghost, it’s not hurting me.”

But Phenomena Magazine reports that the ghost turned out tobe a bug on the lens of the security camera. BeverlyLipsinger, of the Maryland Ghost & Spirit Association, saysthe descriptions she’s heard don’t sound like it’s a bug,but she hasn’t seen the tape yet.

Once you get to know them, you won’t call themghosts.

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