A fireman noticed that a security camera at a tire shop in La Joya may have captured the image of a ghost. Fire chief Richard Flores says, “[After a recent fire,] we had one of the firefighters taking pictures?and when she took the picture she looked down at the back of the digital camera and it looked blurry and she thought she messed up.” But after printing the photo, the image became clear: it was a fireman.

For kgbt4.com news, Ray Pedraza quotes Flores as saying that it can?t be one image superimposed over another because “We started talking to people and they say digital cameras don’t do that. Digital cameras will take pictures and then stop. They won’t take pictures over ones that have already been taken.”

There may even be two ghosts in the picture, since a second image can be seen if it’s examined closely. Flores e-mailed the images to several nearby fire departments but no one can identify the ghost(s). He says, “How it came about I wouldn’t know. But there was a lot of firefighters out there that night and it was a pretty big fire. And I guess we had extra help.”

The ghost is wearing a blue hat, while on the evening of the fire, all the firefighters were wearing black or white hats. This means he may have fought a fire there in the distant past.

Robin Turner writes in the (Wales) Western Mail about an ancient stone circle people say has made them seriously ill. “Ghost hunters” Brian Perinton and Claire Williams visited Carn Llechart stone circle, built in 2,000 BC, in the Swansea Valley three months ago in order to investigate its healing energy. Perinton says, “I have never seen anything like it. Claire was bodily thrown from the center of the circle by some kind of force. I felt it too. It was like being punched in the stomach. Since our visit we suffered severe headaches, stomach problems, lethargy and general illness. It was almost as if our energy was completely sapped by whatever was in the center of those stones. We are starting to recover now but we want to find out if anyone else has had similar experiences. We would love to speak to them to find out if the illnesses and general feeling of weakness are the same. Then we can start some kind of scientific investigation into what could be causing this.”

Got some ghosts that are bothering you? Learn how to find out who and what they are.

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