Ghosts are haunting a police station in Kentucky and a government building in Australia. Kentucky cops are experiencing the usual strange ghostly phenomena, but in Australia, they’re seeing the apparition of a nun.

In Shelbyville, Kentucky, cops hear mysterious footsteps on the stairs, see doorknobs turning with no one on the other side and experience strange hot zones in an air-conditioned room. They finally called the Scientific Investigative Ghost Hunting Team (SIGHT) in Louisville, Ky. Ghostbuster Steve Conley says, “About 99% percent of the time we do find natural explanations for exposed activity. Here in this building it’s under renovation and there are some loose windows and some new doors installed that may be attributing to the activity occurring.”

Paranormal investigators have set up cameras and tape recorders, as well as infrared thermometers to capture any temperature variations. “We have meters that measure electromagnetic fields and radio waves,” Conley says. “Ghosts have been associated with changes in the electric field for many, many years. If these go off, we have possible ghost activity.”

The Shelbyville police headquarters is part of a building erected 183 years ago. As soon as the police moved in, the strange phenomena began. Shelbyville Police Chief Stewart Shirley says he saw a desk drawer opening on its own and he doesn’t doubt any of his officers’ reports. “Some of the officer[s] were hearing things at night?and I thought it was best to say yes when they came to me and asked if they could check into it,” he says. “I said ‘yeah, go ahead if it makes you happy and you feel safer coming into the building.'”

Deputy city clerk Wendy Rutledge felt something grab her right leg when she was walking through the building at night. “It was warm at first and then after that it tingled,” she says. “It was a strange sensation.”

Tony Raggatt writes in the Australian Townsville Bulletin that the local city council has decided there are ghosts in its administration building. They’ve been sightings of a ghostly nun in the committee room on the first floor. This was formerly the site of Saint Anne’s School.

“You either believe or you don’t believe (although) I don’t go one way or the other,” says Dennis Smith. “It’s just that strange things have happened to me in the last couple of weeks and it’s not the first time.” Of the ghost, he says, “It was just like a white image?a vision of a young woman with the outline of a flared dress. I did not get to look at it that much. When I saw it I thought ‘what’s that?’, turned around and there was nothing there.”

Former assistant to the Mayor Elliot Hannay told about working late on Sunday and going to the refrigerator to get a coke. “As I opened the fridge door I felt a tap on my right shoulder and turned, expecting to be confronted by the ever vigilant caretaker,” he says. “But no one was there. I was so convinced of another presence that I looked into the committee room, expecting him to be hiding behind the door. But the room was empty. I then remembered the ghost story. I was more intrigued and baffled than frightened so I called out: ‘Come out wherever you are.’ Suddenly the door leading to the tea room, which was in my direct line of vision, slammed shut with incredible force and with a loud bang that echoed throughout the building.”

Some people who describe being haunted may really be dealing with ET.

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