On this website, we’ve tried to describe what it feels like to be a genius. But geniuses such as Einstein and Richard Feynman also liked to have fun, just like the rest of us. Many of Benjamin Franklin’s best inventions were created to enhance his leisure activities.

Robin Lloyd writes in LiveScience.com that sex led many of them astray, just like it does the rest of us. Albert Einstein liked to date other women, besides his wife. His second wife was his first cousin, with whom he lived for five years before he divorced his first wife. Despite being in a wheelchair, Stephen Hawking had an affair with his nurse that led to a divorce from his first wife. Richard Feynman liked to visit strip clubs, where he said he got some of his best ideas.

Isaac Newton often picked fights with his friends. Sigmund Freud got into big arguments with his male friends. We have no information about whether or not some of these fights took place in bars.

Heather Whipps writes in LiveScience.com that when he wasn’t discovering electricity and helping to create our democratic government, Ben Franklin used his genius to make life comfortable for himself. He invented a comfortable chair, and probably would have invented the recliner if he’d lived long enough. He enjoyed music and invented the glass harp after seeing a performer make music using drinking glasses filled with different levels of water. He liked to swim and invented swim fins, except his were strapped to the swimmer’s hands.

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Whitley met a genius once, who imparted incredible wisdom that became the important book that was turned into the film The Day After Tomorrow. Wisdom is something we look for in our Dreamland radio guests, and William Henry’s interview about The Canopus Revelation is no exception. Philip Coppens presents the theory that the Egyptians thought of the southern pole star Canopus as a gateway to other worlds and dimensions. William is the perfect interviewer for Coppens, since he is fascinated by both Egypt AND stargates. Whitley has a fascinating conversation with Coppens just for subscribers that can’t be missed, so subscribe today.

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