We’ve got had the one-two punch of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the northeastern part of US is experiencing severe floods. Climatologists may not all agree on the details of what’s causing global warming, but they all agree on one thing: in the future, storms will be a lot stronger than they used to be. Researchers are using their super computers to forecast which areas will be hit the worst?but they’re not sharing their results with us, out of fear of its impact on the economy, but some of this information is sneaking out.

Ker Than writes in livescience.com that as Earth gets warmer, weather conditions will intensify. Large regions will experience heavier rain and snowfall than usual. The National Center for Atmospheric Research’s Gerald Meehl says that rain and snow will increase between 10-20%, meaning that in the future it won?t just drizzle, it will pour, and it there will be no more light dustings of snow?when it snows, it will be a blizzard. The largest increase will be in the tropics, because global warming is affecting that area first.

The areas which will be hit with the worst storms are the places where large masses of moist air meet, such as the northwestern and northeastern US, northern Europe, northern Asia, the east coast of Asia, southwestern Australia and south-central South America.

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