Could there be something GOOD about Fukushima? We may be worried about bluefin tuna from Japan bringing radiation our way, but the FISH don’t need to be worried: It’s been discovered that radiation may save the species. Bluefin tuna are among the most imperiled fish species on the planet, because they’re highly prized in sushi-eating societies. But if diners think their tuna rolls may be dangerous, they’ll choose something else.

In Forbes, Monte Burke quotes marine biologist Nicholas Fisher as saying, "My first thought (when I heard about it) was ‘this will do more for the conservation of this endangered animal than nearly anything else could.’"

This is despite the fact that the levels of radiation found in the tuna shouldn’t be a problem for humans, because there are natural levels of radioactivity in the tuna, and Fukushima has only added a little bit more. However, Burke quotes Fisher as saying, "But people are often anxious about radioactivity."

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