California has a new law called Proposition 65, which requires warning labels on any food with known health risks. Restaurants there may have to start labeling Freedom fries, because like all heated carbohydrates, they contain acrylamide, which has been shown to cause cancer.

Not everyone thinks this is a good idea. Toxicologist Takayuki Shibamoto says, “We’ve been eating foods with acrylamide ever since the discovery of fire.”

You can create genetically-modified versions of food that won’t produce acrylamide when heated, but, as Shibamoto says, “In order to make just one potato chip, you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars.” And people who worry about acrylamide also tend to be wary of GM foods.

David Martosko, of the Center for Consumer Freedom (which is supported by the food industry) says, “Food is full of chemicals. Everything we eat and drink is full of chemicals. It’s nothing to be scared of.” Shibamoto says, “If acrylamide bothers you, then don’t cook your food anymore.”

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