Someone asked us, ?Do you have any books that are especially right for Christmas giving?? and surprisingly, the answer is ?yes!?

My first suggestion is ?Resurrection of the Shroud? by Mark Antonacci. When Mark came on Dreamland to talk about his book, he told us some amazing facts. Did you know that the Shroud of Turin has actual human blood on it? Or that the image cannot have been caused by an ordinary corpse? This careful, fascinating book restores the Shroud to its former glory as one of the world’s great mysteries. To learn more,click here.

If your friends are searching for truth in troubled times, I suggest ?Heart of the Mind? and ?Miracles of Mind? by Russell Targ and Jane Katra. They came on Dreamland together to talk about how we can find God without formal religion and Russell told how Jane healed him of a fatal disease. These are books of hope. To learn more, click here.

Learn wisdom from Ned Dougherty, author of ?Fast Lane to Heaven,? who came on Dreamland to tell about dying and coming back again to live a new life. This is one of the only places in the world where you will read a prophecy of the Attack on America that was indisputably published before the disaster. Read all the details about Ned?s profound otherworldly journey. To learn more,click here.

My last suggestion may surprise you: ?Star Ancestors? by Nancy Red Star. For this beautifully illustrated book with full-color photos, Nancy went among her people to learn stories and legends of the Star People. You don?t have to ?believe? in UFOs to be fascinated by this book. To learn more, click here.

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All of us at wish you the happiest of holidays.

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