A mysterious UFO crash in Cyprus 35 years ago may finally be solved. In the Cyprus Mail, Nathan Morley quotes Britishsoldier Tom Clarke as saying, “We were all awoken at about 2 am by a brilliant bluish dazzling bright light in the sky, what happened next is hard to explain. There was not an explosion, but we were all hit by a shockwave and fell flat to the ground. The light just disappeared or went out.”

British UFO researcher Gary Heseltine, who edits a monthly UFO magazine in the UK, says that he has some of the debris that was collected by the soldiers, who saw the UFO slam into the Troodos mountain range in Cyprus in 1973. They were ordered to collect the debris and put it into black plastic bags, but Clarke managed to confiscate some small pieces of golden tinted foil (similar to the debris found at Roswell).

Morley quotes Clarke as saying, “After what seemed like hours a halt was called and we were all lined up and told that under no circumstances were we to talk about what we had been doing and that we were forbidden to take anything from the site under threat of Court Martial. We were then all taken from the area by helicopter and flown to [a military base] where we were interviewed separately. I was asked to describe exactly what I had seen and was warned again not to discuss with anyone the events that had occurred.”

Several military communication installations are located in the Troodos mountains. They have also been the setting for many UFO sightings over the last 50 years.

The debris is from the past, but what about the future? Right now, NASA is most interested in whether or not there is life on Mars.

Astrobiologists are trying to understand the chemical, physical, and geological conditions of early Earth that set the stage for life on our planet, so they can determine if life could be replicated elsewhere. Tracing the evolutionary pathway from atoms to life involves the study of the formation of new molecules within interstellar clouds, the evolution of these molecules as the clouds condense to form new solar systems, and the mechanisms by which they are delivered and combined on planets like Earth and Mars to form suitable environments for life.

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