Is there a scientific basis for reincarnation? Indianforensic scientist Vikram Raj Singh Chauhan is trying toprove reincarnation is real. He has presented his findingsat the National Conference of Forensic Scientists in India.

Chauhan has discovered a six-year-old boy named TaranjijtSingh who says he remembers his previous life. According tohis parents, he?s been talking about this since he was twoyears old and used to run away from home. The boy knew thevillage he lived in during his former life, as well as hisand his father?s names. He knew the name of the school heattended as well. On September 10, 1992, he was riding hisbike home when he was hit by a motor scooter. He receivedhead injuries and died the next day.

His present father, Ranjit Singh, says as the boy becamemore and more insistent, so he and his wife went to thevillage where he claimed to have lived in the past. Atfirst, they couldn?t find anyone who resembled thedescriptions of his former parents. Then someone told him togo to another nearby village, where they met a teacher atthe local school who confirmed the story of the motorscooter accident. They found out where the boy had lived andwent there to meet the parents.

When they told the family their story, Ranjit Singhmentioned that his son claimed the books he was carryingwhen the accident occurred had gotten blood on them. He alsodescribed how much money he had in his wallet. When thewoman heard this, she began to cry and said she had savedthe blood-stain books and the money in memory of her deadchild. Taranjit Singh?s parents and siblings from his formerlife soon came to his new home to meet him. The boyrecognized a wedding picture his former parents brought withhim.

At first, Vikram Chauhan refused to believe this story buthe eventually became curious and decided to investigate. Hevisited both villages and found the boy and both sets ofparents repeated the same story. He spoke to a shopkeeperwho told him that the boy had owed him the money that was inhis wallet when he was hit, and was probably bringing it tohim to pay for a notebook he?d gotten on credit.

Chauhan took samples of both boys? handwriting and comparedthem. He found they were identical. It?s a basic tenet offorensic science that no two handwriting styles can beidentical, because each person?s handwriting has specificcharacteristics. Experts can usually spot even expertlyforged handwriting. A person?s handwriting style is dictatedby individual personality traits. Chauhan?s theory is thatif the soul is transferred from one person to another, thenthe mind ? and thus the handwriting – will remain the same.A number of other forensic experts examined the handwritingsamples and agreed they were identical.

“I have some scientific basis to claim rebirth is possible”,says Chauhan, “but I wish to do more research on the subjectand am closely monitoring the development of the child.”Singh?s former parents wanted him to move back with them,but his current family still claims him, even though theyare poor. Chauhan says, “In his present birth, Taranjit hasnever gone to school as he belongs to a poor family, but yetwhen I told him to write the English and Punjabi alphabet,he wrote them correctly.”

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