While we’re all trying to figure out what is the best fuel to burn in our cars, some unexpected sources have turned up with some surprising ideas.

BBC News reports that in the UK, McDonald’s restaurants (which have been strongly criticized in Europe for encouraging the obesity epidemic there) has agreed is to convert all its delivery trucks there so that they run on biodiesel, which will be made from their USED COOKING OIL.

No used cooking oil around?why not run your car on fruit? Also in BBC News, Matt McGrath writes that researchers say that the sugar (fructose) in ordinary fruits can be converted into a fuel for cars that has LOW CARBON EMISSIONS.

It turns out that biofuel can be made of almost anything, including plastic bags! This would solve a major recycling problem as well. The UK has such a pollution problem with plastic shopping bags that some cities have forbidden their use.

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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