Due to global warming and the pole shift now in progress,birds and insects have been turning up in places wherethey’ve never been seen before. Now this is happening withmarine life as well.

In British Columbia, fisherman Gudy Gudmundseth caught thefirst Humboldt squid ever seen in that area. At 6? feet and44-pounds, it was an amazing catch.

James A. Cosgrove, of the B.C. Royal British ColumbiaMuseum, says, “It seems silly to get excited about a deadsquid, but it has such great implications. This is an animalthat should be down in South America, not in BritishColumbia or Alaska.”

A Humboldt squid was caught in Alaska on September 24 andothers have been reported in Washington state and Oregon.There have been two recent reports of offshore fishermenseeing great white sharks near Vancouver Island. Cosgrovesays, “If there are warm-water squid in our waters, there’sno reason there wouldn’t be other warm-water animals aswell?Why are they here? Why has the water column changed?And what else has come with it?”

While Canadians are trying to figure out how giant squidscame so far north, people in Vermont are wondering where alltheir monarch butterflies are. Biologist Kent McFarland saysbutterfly sightings are “probably the worst year in adecade. I went to some of my favorite spots, and I’ve seenmaybe two in Vermont this entire season.”

In New Jersey, butterfly watchers are actually searching theskies and keeping count of the number of Monarchs they spot.So far, it’s been a fraction of the normal number.

In some places, pesticide spraying has reduced the milkweedthey depend on, but McFarland says it’s in excellent supplyin Vermont. He thinks changing weather, which led to a wetsummer and cool temperatures in the Northeast, killed manyof the caterpillars that would have eventually becomebutterflies.

It may be time to look tothepast for wisdom.

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