It’s usually ice blocks that fall from the sky in Spain, but recently hundreds of witnesses there saw balls of fire in the sky. Authorities are searching for an estimated 50 tons of material from a meteorite which broke up after colliding with the Earth. A local official says, “I left the house at around 12 minutes to six. I heard a big explosion, like an earth tremor, and a white cloud of smoke formed around a nearby mountain which took a long time to disappear.” Another witness says, “There was a loud report, like an explosion. The windows shuddered and we were frightened.”

What’s worrisome is that there was no warning?despite the fact that the meteorite must have weighed between 50 and 100 tons. Astrophysicist Jose Maria Quinana says, “What is odd is that no warning whatsoever was received from the many spotters who specialize in this subject.”

These extraordinary photos were provided by Jos

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