Something’s Fishy on Mars

JPL scientists call one of the strange objects observed on Mars the “Sushi Stone” because of its odd shape and unusual marks. Another has two prongs and looks like some sort of bizarre fossil. It’s supposed to be a fragment of the lander’s airbag, although there isn’t a trace of a mark in the soil anywhere near it. A third, microscopic object, is so beautifully rounded that it appears machined. Not only that, Europe’s Mars Express has returned numerous images that appear to show traces of water, and one that might reveal standing water in a deep canyon.

So, what’s going on up there? Well, the truth is that Mars might prove to be a very different place from what we thought. In her now-famous essay on ET possibilities, physicist Beatriz Gato-Rivera speculated that advanced civilizations might be very skilled at disguising their presence, and that Mars could easily conceal such a presence. Read Dr. Gato-Rivera’s article at:

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William Henry and Jim Marrs this Weekend

In one of his best interviews ever, Whitley talks to William Henry about the divine spark in human beings. William reveals some little-known information about “the grays” that goes a long way toward explaining their motives and their strange actions. Do not miss this. It’s a really terrific interview.

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For subscribers, Jim Marrs offers a really fascinating look into three very dark corners. First, he tells one of the great ghost stories of all time, about what’s going on in Roswell, New Mexico to this day, in and around the room where the autopsy of an alien allegedly took place in 1947.

Then he tells the story of a small town that’s been quietly involved in group UFO sightings and close encounters for fifty years. Now revealed for the first time.

This great hour of important entertainment ends with Whitley and Jim trading insider information about the Kennedy assassination.

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Devastating Mad Cow Report

The New York Times this week carried a story about the dangers of mad cow disease that every American should be aware of. The official story about the animal that was discovered to have mad cow was that it was a “downer,” and much was made about new regulations forbidding the slaughter of cows that could not walk. Now it turns out that this animal wasn’t a downer at all. According to the Times, animals infected with the disease are actually hard to spot, and the man who actually slaughtered the diseased cow says that these animals often go into the slaughterhouse on their feet, where prions from diseased spinal cords and brains flow all over the beef.

The full mad cow story has not been told, and Americans should be cautious about their beef. For more information go to

Whitley’s Latest on the Key

Whitley continues his series of talks on the Key, discussing the statements that his strange visitor made about the origin and nature of ice ages. This statement was what got Whitley started on the road that led to Superstorm. Coming in June of 1998, it put together what at that time were a number of still untied threads about the relationship between ocean currents and climate. Later, the notion that ocean currents could shift suddenly and cause drastic climate change evolved into the basis for the Superstorm book and now the upcoming film, the Day After Tomorrow. And there are recent scientific studies suggesting that the Gulf Stream’s flow is about to change, which would be the greatest environmental event in recorded history.

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